image of the shortgrass steppe



General CPER/PNG Maps:

Central Plains Experimental Range (CPER)- Details

CPER and PNG - General vicinity

Pawnee National Grassland - East

Pawnee National Grassland - West

CPER and PNG Bounding and Centroid Coordinate Info

Animation Video of CPER Prairie Dog Towns 1997 - 2011


Download GIS Data:

View the CPER GIS Layer Descriptions

Download Shape Files of all CPER GIS Layers

Download CPER Soils Survey document and related GIS data


SGS-LTER Interactive Mapping Tools:

This tool provides interactive viewing of GIS map layers related to Shortgrass Steppe LTER research.  It uses ESRI's Server technology:

CPER GIS Map   This map displays all public layers available for the Central Plains Experimental Range (CPER) in Weld County, Colorado.