image of the shortgrass steppe

K-12 Education

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Schoolyard LTER

The National Science Foundation began funding the Schoolyard-LTER program in 1998. This initiative provides instruction, field research experiences, and data summary and analysis experiences to K-12 students and teachers using LTER research projects as examples. The SGS-LTER Schoolyard program includes four public schools in Colorado. Students at each school conduct both short-term and long-term research projects on their school grounds.



In 2009, Colorado State University, in partnership with University of California-Santa Barbara (SBC-LTER), University of Wyoming, University of Northern Colorado, University of New Mexico (LNO-LTER), Michigan State University (KBS-LTER), Cary Institute of Ecosystems Studies (BES-LTER) and Towson University, was award a NSF Math and Science Partnership grant to look at “Culturally relevant ecology, learning progressions and environmental literacy.”  This partnership connects the research of the LTER network to teacher professional development as well as students in grades 5-12.